how may i help AHS meet its goals?

With experience leading an in-house team as the creative director, honing brand expressions.

A background in technology, making complex functionality feel simple and approachable.

Proven leadership and direct management experience in a small to mid-sized team.

A history of creating diverse brands around new evolving products and services.

Adeptness in the conceptual sphere, as well as a committed contributor with content and marketing teammates.

Innate curiosity and the constant pursuit to learning more about the customer and their journey; ceaselessly looking for an approach that gives us an edge over the competition.

A genuine creative and collaborative thinker capable of balancing competing deadlines.

Practiced research skills with a demonstrable history of producing successful visual messaging solutions … with measurable impacts.

Substantial experience with consumer brands and a geekie passion for implementing effective technology.

A zest for generating cohesive brand experiences through collaboration.

Love the world of advertising while being acutely cultured in historical trends … and perhaps a knack for seeing the future.


creative | design | video | social | strategy

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Just Imagine … a designer that can consistently deliver your brand voice in your retail space … all the way to the custom backdrop and swag for your next trade show booth.

Congruent (worry-free) design for your print, web, and social media.


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