about mozz

"I truly love making cool things that work well and serve a purpose."

Hi, I'm mozz ...

I am a classically trained commercial artist (DiVA, BFA) with 30 years of practical marketing experience.

… an enthusiastic storyteller.

I am constantly acquiring creative skills; equipping me to independently produce practically anything … pixel to print.

… a lifelong learner.

I have close to 20 years of combined experience in post-secondary communication, education, and mentorship.

… perpetually inspiring.

I am compelled to make art … virtual, physical, and experiential.

… driven to create.

I am a total petrol head … classic car hobbyist, epic road enthusiast, formula one super-fan, constant home renovator, science and technology geek.

… lover of beauty and art.


scalpello non malleo*


I believe that how well is more important than how much.

I believe that authentic storytelling is key to connecting with anyone in a meaningful way.

I believe in the adage, ‘people may not remember what you said … but they will remember how you made them feel.’ 

I believe that the right person in the right place at the right time … can change everything.

I believe in *a scalpel … not a hammer.

some say ...

as your designer

Give your brand style a unique visual identity that flows from pixel to print.

Brand your media with a clear voice that harmonizes through all communication channels and campaigns.

Clearly defining your audience or goal is crucial … KPIs and personas are truly indispensable.

Combine strategic goals with art installations … or even bespoke events … producing unique outcomes that engage and educate your audience.

Design environments that elicit emotional responses.

Harness the power of  learning outcomes … all day long.