I specialize in creating short form digital marketing video.

I thrive in a world that requires more impact in less time.

I love storytelling and making a difference with a message.

My video production services include … but are not limited to …

  • script writing and storyboarding
  • videography
  • sound and dolly work
  • editing (720p broadcast | 1080p | 4K)
  • motion typography
  • graphic design
  • special effect integration

I create unique video and motion graphics for …

  • commercial television HD broadcast (60sec | 30sec | 15sec | 7sec)
  • live event presentation videos (fashion | auto | launch)
  • 4K theatre presentations (30sec | 15sec)
  • Youtube and Vimeo
  • Instagram and Instagram stories (60sec | 20sec)
  • Facebook stories (60sec | 20sec)

I have live event broadcast services for …

  • Instagram Live broadcasting *bandwidth permitting
  • Periscope Live broadcasting *bandwidth permitting
  • Facebook Live broadcasting *bandwidth permitting


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