I prefer to create unique social media campaigns with a strong visual identity … showcasing a story to connect with my audience.

I love Instagram for its layout and engagement capabilities.  I make magic in that world.

I really dig the dollar-to-domination factor found in live crowd sourced content using Geo-Fencing technology.

I love the ability to bring colour and life to the world of social media through good design and creativity.

I know it’s kind of a geeky to say this, but social media can be the most exciting medium to work in.

My 5 goals for effective social …

  • Useful
  • Amusing
  • Inspiring
  • Informational
  • Critical

FYI … I don’t believe social media is all about sales. 

I believe it’s about creating a bond with your community … ultimately so they identify with your brand in a meaningful way.


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